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Free mod for Enter the Gungeon

Mod the Gungeon is a utility tool that serves as both a mod and a mod loader for the role-playing game, Enter the Gungeon. MTG is based on the concept of mods and backends. This means you will be able to access the game’s code and, in turn, provide an API for mods to use or add actual features to the game. This mod depends on ETGMod, an installer that is specific to ETG

Seamless modification

Whether you download ETG from Steam or Epic Games, you will be able to modify this bullet hell dungeon crawler game. Modification begins by simply downloading Enter the Gungeon .EXE file. In most cases, the installer will immediately pop up once it finishes its installation. It can be difficult to detect the installer if it does not immediately launch—you can also opt to open the folder of the game that you had downloaded originally, and click on "mods." You will have to delete the mod folder and repeat the same process of downloading the installer. It will be challenging to remedy other technical difficulties, as the developer of MTG has not offered other methods of installation. 

You will know that you have successfully installed the mod by clicking your Tilt key while playing Enter the Gungeon on PC. By tapping the Tilt key, all possible options will appear on the screen. It is a long list of mods but thankfully, it also features a help screen. It will explain how to navigate across ETG and MTG. It also features commands such as Godmode, Spawn, and Give. 

Overall, Mod the Gungeon offers a lot of interesting functionalities. You will have to determine for yourself which of these will advance the gameplay or level up your ETG character. In the end, players of all user-levels will be able to use this mod to beat Enter the Gungeon, as well as create challenges for themselves for a richer gaming experience. 


  • Fast installation
  • Large variety of functionalities


  • Limited troubleshooting options


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Mod the Gungeon for ETG


Mod the Gungeon for ETG for PC


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